Friday, April 22, 2011

San Jose State University & Jurassic Park

This one was our "Jurassic Park" picture lol.  My brother and his best friend both agreed that my outfit resembled Dr. Ellie Sattler from the movie. So they had to get one of me creeping out from behind the generators.... amongst the bushes

Anyhow, today's Good Friday and what better day to wear a cross than on the day when we remember Jesus' sacrifice for us?  

If you can't tell from the tower, we were photoshooting at San Jose State University in California!  One of the prettiest campuses I've seen.

This is my brother's awesome vintage bicycle.  He bought it after his last one got stolen.  He said since this one was old and beat up probably no one would want it, but for us vintage lovers, it's definitely a steal!

So that amazingly handsome guy on the left.... yeah, he's my brother.  He's the best.  <3   Plus he's an incredible guitarist.     And we got his buddy (Jeff) on the right here.  He's pretty cool. He's also into photography, just like me.

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