Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kickin it Casual

Every time I wear this hat it makes me feel like I need to match the rest of the outfit with a very tom-boy look.

Need tough, endurable shoes that can withstand the rain and long walks?  Hiking boots are the way to go!  Add some skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and a hat for the look.  Then keep it girly by adding a statement necklace.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Simply Sweet

 If fashion is all about self-expression, then who says I need to be an expert to talk about fashion?

After a fun reunion with my bestie from the dorms (six hours of walking in the mall), I decided to not be ashamed of my fashion blog.  Sure I may not be an "expert" or super "trendy" but I'm Perfectly Me.  And like she says, there are tons of girls out there who's job is to run a fashion blog, and they display tons of simple outfits.  However finding where my digital camera ran off to, might be a helpful start ;)

Somehow this semester in my effort to pack "light,"  I accidentally brought more shoes than actual clothes leaving me with barely any fashion choices.  That was in January, and I haven't been home since.  When my family came up in February for the school's musical I was in, I asked if they could bring some sweaters, T-shirts, and regular clothes..... yep, you could imagine what happens when you're that vague.  I got a stack full of fifteen T-shirts, two old sweatshirts, and a few other items.   Thankfully, Spring Break starts next week so I'll get to venture my closet back home and bring back everything I need.

Lately, I've been trying to take the fewer nice clothes I have here and mix 'em up.  Get some new outfits I haven't done before.  I really liked this one.  I've always worn this gray zebra print cardigan with gray or white or black, which has kind of made it really dull or not that appealing.  However when thrown together with a pink cami, it just makes the outfit that much girlier; plus it gives sleeves to a shirt that otherwise I would not wear in public by itself.

What I love most about wearing pink is that it softens the appearance of an outfit.  Such as the outfit with the leather jacket from the other day.

I accessorized this outfit by wearing pink earrings and my prayer box I got for my Quince AƱos.  I also threw on a white bangle for fun and contrast.

Another great thing about this cardigan is that it has pockets.  Not that I ever use them, but still.

Boots go great with everything.  I love these ones in particular.  They're super comfy, black, and flat.

So it may seem weird that I'm using bathroom pics on my blog, but it's so much less embarrassing than posing in front of a tripod and taking pics of yourself, and honestly I haven't found many other mirrors lately. The lighting in this bathroom was especially good too. lol

Anyways never give up on your dreams, you never know where they'll lead. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Grease is the Word

Everybody enjoys the movies: Cry Baby, Grease, Footloose, Dirty Dancing.

Why? Cause it's fun to kick back and see how culture used to be.  To see how much fashion has changed.  After watching Sara Bareilles' music video for "Gonna Get Over You" I felt totally inspired to copy this old greaser style.

Sara Bareille's Outfit:  Leather Jacket, White-T, Denim Jeans, Sneakers, and high-pony with a ridiculously awesome poof!


Cropped peach top with a white undershirt, tan shorts, animal print headband, and white Reebok.

Soooo.... maybe my outfit doesn't quite resemble hers. The truth is as simple as her outfit was I don't have some of the main pieces, such as the white t-shirt.  Why?  Cause my only white shirt turned a mucky yellow when I accidentally washed it with my scarf, and my jeans are hidden somewhere in the bottom of my laundry basket.  Thus I decided to stick with a crop top, and the shorts just went so well with it.

Why not throw on a pair of shades to rock with the jacket?

The softness from the peach, white, and beige added just the perfect amount of sweetness and femininity to contrast with the tough and rebellious look created by the headband and jacket.   

Leopard print always adds extra spice to an outfit

So as it seems from above ^ ^ ^ ^  I'm not quite a "college pixie" anymore..... and as fun and adventurous as pixie cuts are, I've got to say I'm thoroughly enjoying having longer hair. 
And when experimenting with different hairstyles, you'll come to the realization that "Grease Is the Word"