Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wearing Your Sunday Best

Hey! So I know I've been gone for forever, sorry about that. I guess you can say I needed some time to stop pretending I was a fashionista and actually learn how to dress like one lol.  So, since I turned 18 I've been paying more attention to what I wear.  Yes, this meant not seeing what looks "cute" but what looks nice, put-together, and not kiddy.  I guess you can say my style has changed significantly then, but for the better.   So I finally decided to show you guys one of my outfits, this is the one I wore today!

Welcome to my aptarment, yes this is my room, which I share with the best roommate ever. Anyways this is more of my style now, simple but classy.   Really it's only a pair of leggins, flip-flops and a nice shirt. If you've got a cute enough blouse all you need to make the outfit are the accessories.  See how I did it.

Well my roommate found the prettiest earings at Target on discount so she got them for me. I've practically worn them everyday since.  The variety of colors in the beads make them go with pretty much any outfit especially ones with earth tones in them (which I wear a lot).  I've also got a simple bracelet and my purity ring.

My roomie and I also decided it was time both of us invested some money in accessories, so we bought some jewelry at Kohls. I chose this owl necklace. I have fallen in love with it. It just spices up and completes any outfit I wear it with.  You can adjust the length of the chain for it and because it has purple, blue, and green, it can be worn with practically anything!  and these flip-flops have flowers on them, making them just a little cuter ;)

What I'm seriously thinking though has made the outfits look more grown up lately though is my new haircut.  Yes, I know it'll take longer this way to grow out my hair, but I was tired of it having no shape, so I added some bangs, and the rest it does naturally. It's super simple to maintain and I think it looks cute.

 Lastly, my roommate the other day helped me do a smoky eye look, which came out super pretty, so I tried to copy it.  Probably not quite the same, but I'm really liking it.  The trick she told me is only using the darker eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid and using a lighter color on the inner corners, then blending them. And of course you always gotta have the eye-liner and mascara.

And that's all!

Yep, I love Sundays, cause with going to church and all, I have a reason to dress-up and look cute.  hehe

Well God Bless Ya and check out my other blog for more:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now

So I definitely spent my 18th B-day with my fam, but that doesn't mean I didn't make sure to also go party it up with my friends, two weekends later.  For my b-day, my girlfriend took me shopping for my grown-up woman dress.  It was so funny to hear her say after I would take a dress off the rack, "put that back, you're not 17 anymore."  kind of made me realize though how much I do dress like a kid still. Thus these past few weeks I've been doing my best to dress like a big girl! lol 

For my B-day outfit we went for a classy satin blue strapless dress and some silver sandals.  My favorite thing about it is that I could totally wear it for a casual event too. I plan to wear it over the winter by changing it up with a blazer and different shoes. 


We had the funnest time, just being girls, dancing with each other, and having a nice dinner afterwards. Though I do agree with them, I will prolly not go back to a club for a long time. I don't grind, only dance.  Anyways when in that type of environment it's pretty easy to show people to respect you.  Demand it.  If you don't dress trashy and if you act responsibly, you can have tons of fun without being treated like a ho.  The guys are begging for your attention, let them know you're not the typical girl, but someone of value, the daughter of the king.