Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like footprints on puddles, it will all disappear...

It's that time of the year again!  Monday's rainfall signaled the beginning to what we can officially call FALL--which is super ridiculously exciting!  I've been waiting all semester to pull back out my sweaters and scarves and now I can!   On top of all that my hair is finally back to normal!  Yea... I'm no longer a college pixie.

The simplest and yet most effective way to dress for fall is most definitely a nice sweater, leggings and boots.  You really switch it up with accessories not clothing.  My new roommate is excellent at this.  She prolly has a quarter of the amount of clothes here than I do and she is still dressed better than me most of the time.  It's all about learning to remix.  Thankfully with the invention of pinterest, getting fashion ideas will never be a problem anymore.  I think my own personal style's improved thanks to all my pins haha.
 Today I honestly kept it pretty simple. just this sweater I got at last semester's clothing exchange and my old leggings and boots (which I really need to replace, they are barely waterproof anymore). Since the top already had quite a bit going on I limited myself to s small heart necklace and white earrings.  No need for a huge statement necklace.  I really played it up more with my hair today.  Something I'm super excited I can do again!  I split down the center teased the sides and scrunched it a ton to give it volume then slightly pinned back both sides while leaving some bangs to frame the face. This style works perfectly in cold rainy, windy weather, because it's already intentionally messy so when it gets "ruined" it only adds more to the style. heehee  It's also the closest and quickest way to making my hair look slightly curly or wavy.

Here you can see the hairstyle a little better. ^^ And I know the closet in the background prolly looks weird, but I actually can't close it completely... cause we took the other door off haha.  And no, I don't have a tattoo, I was doodling in class again.... lol

Anyways, I hope you're enjoying the weather too! Even if you're not a huge rain fan, (I'm honestly not) just enjoy the fact that the rain means it's really fall.  You can wear your autumn attire and not look out of place anymore.  ^_^   And next week's Halloween! Anyone have good ideas for costumes?? What are you gonna be?

Have a blessed week!