Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floppy Summer Hat

Floppy Hat: Target $12.99, Camisole & Scarf: Hand-me-downs, Jeans: Goodwill, Wedges: Thrifted, Earings: FashionBug, Blouse: Bella D from ROSS $8.99,


Nothing says "Hello" to the warm weather better than a flowy top, a floppy hat, and cute wedges!

Yesterday was an amazing day.  The sun was out, my classes went super well, and I had my second voice recital at college.  I sang "Evensong" by Liza Lehmann.  Beautiful piece. 

Anyhow, I loved this outfit it was so comfy and everyone kept commenting on my hat, cause it's so awesome! Funny story. I really wanted one, so I was happy when I found a hat in Goodwill.... for $24.11  Yeah Right!  Then I went to Target and found this brand new one for half the price.  Had to get it. lol   So yeah I was pretty excited to wear it.  The blouse is new too, I found it along with a few other tops in the clearance section of Ross.  Apparently now their prices are starting to beat the ones at our Goodwill.   

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  1. ooh love both. I just adore wedges and a floppy hat, such a fun 70's influenced vibe. And I love a great deals -what a score! xx veronika