Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hip and Hop

We probably all have those days we wonder how it would be to be a gangster.  Today I got to pretend. Why?  Cause I got sick and lost my entire voice just in time for our local Talent Competition.  Thus I had to choose an alternative talent.... so I presented my Christian rap I wrote for my Bible class last semester.  
Thanks to God, I won for my originality and stage presence!

Unfortunately this time I didn't have my dorm-mates around to help dress me up, so I got to be a bit creative.  For my bling I used this chain belt I had and connected like 5 bracelets and then a regular gold necklace.  Hey it was fun!

Though, my favorite part today was probably doing make-up.  I got to pull out some of my kiddy make-up using my bright blue and pink/purple and my liquid liner, which I used to create some "wings."  I actually look really pale in the pictures above, mostly because of the lighting, but it was very dramatic, not a look I would probably go for on a regular basis.

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