Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hip and Hop

We probably all have those days we wonder how it would be to be a gangster.  Today I got to pretend. Why?  Cause I got sick and lost my entire voice just in time for our local Talent Competition.  Thus I had to choose an alternative talent.... so I presented my Christian rap I wrote for my Bible class last semester.  
Thanks to God, I won for my originality and stage presence!

Unfortunately this time I didn't have my dorm-mates around to help dress me up, so I got to be a bit creative.  For my bling I used this chain belt I had and connected like 5 bracelets and then a regular gold necklace.  Hey it was fun!

Though, my favorite part today was probably doing make-up.  I got to pull out some of my kiddy make-up using my bright blue and pink/purple and my liquid liner, which I used to create some "wings."  I actually look really pale in the pictures above, mostly because of the lighting, but it was very dramatic, not a look I would probably go for on a regular basis.

Friday, April 22, 2011

San Jose State University & Jurassic Park

This one was our "Jurassic Park" picture lol.  My brother and his best friend both agreed that my outfit resembled Dr. Ellie Sattler from the movie. So they had to get one of me creeping out from behind the generators.... amongst the bushes

Anyhow, today's Good Friday and what better day to wear a cross than on the day when we remember Jesus' sacrifice for us?  

If you can't tell from the tower, we were photoshooting at San Jose State University in California!  One of the prettiest campuses I've seen.

This is my brother's awesome vintage bicycle.  He bought it after his last one got stolen.  He said since this one was old and beat up probably no one would want it, but for us vintage lovers, it's definitely a steal!

So that amazingly handsome guy on the left.... yeah, he's my brother.  He's the best.  <3   Plus he's an incredible guitarist.     And we got his buddy (Jeff) on the right here.  He's pretty cool. He's also into photography, just like me.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ceviche, Piñatas, and Pastel

Spring Break has finally come!  And I've got to say, it definitely started well.  It began with getting to visit my relatives for my cousin's 3rd birthday! 

The Birthday Girl!   Isn't she the cutest thing?

Haha I was trying to help my little cousin break the piñata, she could barely carry the broom-stick. lol  It's pretty custom in our culture to break piñatas during birthdays, what are your traditions?

And my favorite.... Ceviche!  This stuff is sooo delicious.  This particular one is made with shrimp though you can make it with fish as well.  The shrimp is marinated/cooked with lemon juice then mixed with lots of vegetables such as cucumbers, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, avocados, etc. and you can even add tomato juice and ketchup afterwards to change the flavor.  :) yum yum yum...

How are you spending your Spring Break?

Night of Classics: BROADWAY

Last Friday, our university's choir held a night of classics featuring Broadway songs with a highlight on Andrew Lloyd Webber.

So we got to dress up in all black, and wear make-up so the stage lights wouldn't wash us out. 
For me, I went for a more natural look, though I switched up the way I applied my eyeliner by applying under the lashes as well as the lash-line. This made my eyes look twice as big as usual. Perfect for Broadway :)

So I was told that I kind of looked Liza Minnelli.  I don't know if it was the cause of the all black with the nylons or the short hair or big eyes or what, but what do you guys think?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Feature

So this is one of my close friends at school.  Her name's Rachel.  She's really amazing, got a great sense of style, plus she's a fellow blogger.  I felt so privileged when she asked if she could feature me in her blog the other day. It was for my outfit with the floppy hat.  Anyways you should check her blog out, she's always got something great on it and it's a really interesting blog. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floppy Summer Hat

Floppy Hat: Target $12.99, Camisole & Scarf: Hand-me-downs, Jeans: Goodwill, Wedges: Thrifted, Earings: FashionBug, Blouse: Bella D from ROSS $8.99,


Nothing says "Hello" to the warm weather better than a flowy top, a floppy hat, and cute wedges!

Yesterday was an amazing day.  The sun was out, my classes went super well, and I had my second voice recital at college.  I sang "Evensong" by Liza Lehmann.  Beautiful piece. 

Anyhow, I loved this outfit it was so comfy and everyone kept commenting on my hat, cause it's so awesome! Funny story. I really wanted one, so I was happy when I found a hat in Goodwill.... for $24.11  Yeah Right!  Then I went to Target and found this brand new one for half the price.  Had to get it. lol   So yeah I was pretty excited to wear it.  The blouse is new too, I found it along with a few other tops in the clearance section of Ross.  Apparently now their prices are starting to beat the ones at our Goodwill.   

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So my friend and I are starting our own video blog called "NavaLove". 
You can check it out at

Cropped Top & Barefeet

So yesterday was TOMS' One Day Without Shoes. Hence the barefeet.  Anyhow, I wore a cute pink cropped top with these really comfy grey shorts, and some dangly earings.  Pretty casual, slightly 80's, but definately great for the springtime.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elf, Loreal, Wet n Wild, & NYC

ELF: [Target]
Liquid Eye Liner (Black) - $1
Eyeshadow Brush - $1
Defining Eye Brush - $1
Brighting Eye Color Palette - $1


L'ORÉAL Voluminous Naturale Mascara - $5.84 [Target]

Wet n Wild Eye Liner Pencil (Olive) - $.72 [WinCo Foods]
NYC Eye Liner Pencil (Navy, White) - $.78 each [WinCo Foods]



So while window shopping I couldn't help but visit the make-up section where I found these affordable yet good quality cosmetics.  I'm finally collecting real make-up, meaning I could finally replace my kiddy stuff. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Brown Ribbon & Green Eyeliner

Lot's of shirts like this one tend to be loose and difficult to wear without an undershirt, so I quickly adjusted it by tying a long ribbon to the back into a bow.  Helped keep it up and changed the look of the back.

Since it was cool indoors, I added this sweater to my outfit.

Today, I also decided to experiment again with my eye make-up!
I painted the lids pretty simple using some primer, a gold base, and dark brown for the crease.
On the bottom, I used a light green and a white for the inner corner.
I proceeded to use a shimmery green eyeliner, that I softened up by applying a bit of the gold over.
Then for the final touches of course my favorite, mascara :)


The sunshine has been so amazing lately!   I'm finally starting to tan again after being white all winter long, and my entire mood has been lifted.   Mid-semester  is definately the hardest time of the entire school semester, trying to catch up on all those late assingments, write papers, and just keep up.   But God has definately been helping out, by sending in Mr. Sunshine.  Thus in honor of the spring weather appearing and having finally done laundry, my bestie Kayla and I dressed up and got all dolled-up.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dramatic Eyes

A  few Fridays ago I tried to do my eye make-up differently.  Took me forever to get it how I liked it, but in the end I thought it looked nice.

So this is what I did.  I used eyeliner, mascara, and three different shades of eyeshadow.
I used the darkest eyeshadow (it was almost black but not quite) on the inside of the eye and then blended it into a dark brown.  Which I mostly applied on the crease line where it's most visible.  Lastly, I also applied a very light brown to the very top above the crease line. 

This is probably a style I would do more for a party or something, however it can also work during the daytime though I personally tend to prefer a natural look.

Well hope you liked it.  Have a Great Day!