Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Lovin

This has probably been my busiest summer ever!  I've gotten to do so much.  Such as get an awesome internship at my church, go to camp and Disneyland.... but it has definitely not been void of fun outfits and such. Enjoy the pics!

It first started with our choir tour to Oregon!

Disneyland with the family.  Above's an awesome candid pic of my brother and I just chillin.

The super delicious desert before "Color of World"

One of my favorite necklaces, I wore it at Disneyland. 

My Mohawk!!!   My Middle-school campers helped me make it.  And yes, it's real, my own hair \m/
One of the many pros of being a counselor.

Ropes Course at Awana Camp.

So this summer do something fun!

1.   Go somewhere new
2.   Visit an amusement park
3.   Serve somewhere
4.   Face your fears! Do something daring
5.   Visit the beach
6.   Go swimming
7.   Read a book
8.   Spend quality time with your family
9.   Love others
10. Make Friends

God Bless You!

San Francisco The Bay

So I'm finally back... from San Francisco. We visited for a day trip.   Where I've been all these other summer months: working, enjoying my family, having fun.  :)  So after watching "The Devil Wears Prada" yesterday morning, I realized I needed to get back to my fashionista self. lol  And here's my post for today.

We actually didn't visit the bay, but the beach.  The weather was amazing.  It was cool and windy but not cold, and the sand was so warm.   The waves looks fantastic and it was lot's of fun to walk around with my family.

At the beach, my little brother and I found the coolest wall full of graffiti.   Looked pretty boss. lol   So this was the first time I tried pulling off these pink legwarmers, they're really long, but worked nicely for keeping warm.  They also gave my outfit a more juvenile look.  And for the shoes, I just used some comfortable hiking boots. 

For accessories, I added a nice blue bangle and a pretty cross necklace my boyfriend gave me two weeks ago.


Well hopefully, I'll keep up a bit more on this blogging since my internet seems to be back :) 

Anyways God Bless You and Enjoy Your Summer!