Monday, April 4, 2011

Brown Ribbon & Green Eyeliner

Lot's of shirts like this one tend to be loose and difficult to wear without an undershirt, so I quickly adjusted it by tying a long ribbon to the back into a bow.  Helped keep it up and changed the look of the back.

Since it was cool indoors, I added this sweater to my outfit.

Today, I also decided to experiment again with my eye make-up!
I painted the lids pretty simple using some primer, a gold base, and dark brown for the crease.
On the bottom, I used a light green and a white for the inner corner.
I proceeded to use a shimmery green eyeliner, that I softened up by applying a bit of the gold over.
Then for the final touches of course my favorite, mascara :)


The sunshine has been so amazing lately!   I'm finally starting to tan again after being white all winter long, and my entire mood has been lifted.   Mid-semester  is definately the hardest time of the entire school semester, trying to catch up on all those late assingments, write papers, and just keep up.   But God has definately been helping out, by sending in Mr. Sunshine.  Thus in honor of the spring weather appearing and having finally done laundry, my bestie Kayla and I dressed up and got all dolled-up.

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