Monday, April 16, 2012

Yes, I'm Rich

This Sunday our pastor was preaching a sermon on being rich, I know kind of strange but it honestly really hit home for me, especially cause I just got back from a week-long missions trip to Tecate, Mexico.   Nobody thinks they're rich but just look at us.   We have internet, food, running water, a bed, a house with a roof, a flushing toilet.  Many of us even have a closet full of clothes and will still say, "I have nothing to wear."   What are we talking about?  Just being able to live in the US means you're in the 20% of the richest people in the world.

I've always been super passionate about serving in Mexico, especially since my first missions trip to Tijuana in 2009.  Being part Mexican, I really love the culture, the language, the people.   This year was amazing and life-changing, feel free to check out my blog post on it

This year I got to share my tent with a girl who actually went to fashion school!   Gotta say she was pretty cool as is, but that was definitely awesome.  Helped me learn a lot about actually looking nice.  It's really not all about the clothes, but in how much you take care of yourself: taking showers, washing your face, styling your hair.  It's all about the basics.  Nothing super tricky.

Knowing we were gonna be out in the dirt, playing with kids, building homes, etc.  I decided to learn how to tie a headscarf, turban style. lol   It was pretty easy and looked nice.  Kept the hair out of my face and my head cool.

Our entire team got to spend Easter in San Diego and go to church.  So not only did my friend know fashion but she had some legit braiding skills, nothing I could ever do.

I guess she could tell how much I really loved her style.  She taught me a few tricks and even gave me a few blouses.  O.M.G!  Love them!

These were my tent-mates for the week.  It was pretty cool.  We were all born in different countries: USA, Russia, Vietnam, and we were all serving in Mexico :)

Here was my outfit from Sunday, thanks to my new friend:

Simple jewelry like the gold necklace and earrings help accent  the golden outlining on the shirt.
The main piece here was obviously the shirt/dress.  It was sheer though, so I had to wear it with a brown camisole and pants.  Pulling it together was pretty easy though.  Throw on some skinny jeans, some brown ankle boots, and a few simple accessories.

Several times throughout the missions trip my youth pastor emphasized the fact that guys like it when girls wear they're hair down.  Apparently even Taylor Swift knows this.  (eg. "I was riding shot-gun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car" from Our Song)  Thus I decided wear my hair down when styling it.  lol

Accessories were even easier.  I noticed my friend always wore two golden bracelets, a pair of golden earrings, and a golden necklace.  Yea, we were on a missions trip so there weren't as many options, and yet she always looked pulled together and like if she chose those particular items for every single outfit.  Why?  Cause gold looks good with her skin tone, and she obviously knew it. Makes me think I should actually get some gold jewelry too, cause it looks way better on me than silver does.

I actually got the idea of this belt/string around the waist from my friend.  It gives shape to the dress and helps accent this waste.   It's super simple to do.  This string was actually from the lanyard used to make our ID badges in Mexico. 

I absolutely love the cut of this blouse and the arms.  The sheerness gives it that extra touch of femininity while still being completely modest (that is if layered).  Since it hangs loosely it also helps to not accent any extra weight around the midsection.  And the arms are just angelic!

The bracelet might not seem like much, but it's actually very symbolic to me, especially after a missions trip.  I got it three years ago from one of my very first VBS students, Angela.  I met her when I went to Tijuana on my first missions trip.  I like to keep it as a reminder of how God can use us to change lives all over the world.

 Hopefully, I'll be posting more with my "new-found" knowledge and blouses I was given. ;)

God Bless You!

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