Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shopping Free!!

I honestly don't think I've felt this girly in a looong while.  Thanks to our school's clothing exchange yesterday, I was able to snag tons of great summer clothes!  

I felt so overdone when I left my hotel to hop into my old roomie's car, dressed in hot pink shorts, white wedges, a floral blue T-shirt, big shades, accessories, and my huge pink bag filled with my workout clothes so we could go to the gym later.  I was so ready to have the ultimate girl date! lol   We never ended up going to the gym cause we ran out of time after shoe-shopping, window shopping, and grocery shopping, plus it was ridiculously hot.... online it says it was in the 80's.... but I'm pretty sure it was at least 90.  So we decided to drive-thru for some Frosties from Wendy's instead. hehe  Of course, being us, we accidentally didn't pay attention to which window we were supposed to go to.  So we kept driving forward and then reverse till we figured out where we were supposed to be.  We probably looked so dumb, but I honestly betcha, those are the small things that make it fun to work in the drive-thru.  Seeing all the crazy things people do.

Pink denim shorts - Clothing Swap - Free!
Earrings - handmade gift from a friend - Free!
Flip-Flop Necklace - Clothing Swap - Free!

And this was my outfit of the day.  :)  I washed all the clothes I just got and decided to go with these ones today.  The shirt, shorts, and necklace were all some of my findings from the clothing exchange.

You don't always find amazing things, since they're mostly used clothes or ones people don't want... but if you look hard enough you can get some good stuff.

Lastly, while at Payless my old-roomie and I decided to check out the jewelry.  We wanted to get some toe-rings but just couldn't decide on which ones.... however she did find a pair of earrings and I found a ring.  Clearance and discounts are the best! We bought them together and then just split the prices.  (Payless almost always has a buy one get one half off discount)  So happy!  Cause now I got a nice statement ring that really doesn't get in the way of doing stuff, and it was super affordable!

$8 ring (clearance + discount = $1.50) - Payless Shoe Store

Well that's about it for today.  Tah Tah for Now! ;)

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