Friday, April 20, 2012

Can You Paint with All the Colors of the Wind?

Well, the sun is back! ...and so are the sheep O.o  Crazy stuff is going on in Rock-City today.  It's trying to make me think I live in a farmland, though I'm pretty sure all we have are rocks.... and the yellow grass that the sheep are eating.  Random!  I guess it's the city's way of "being green" when it comes to mowing lawn. lol

So I absolutely love this shirt!  Yes, I did have to iron it this morning, if it looks wrinkly still it's cause I've been wearing it all day and I may or may not have taken a nap in it too. hehe

Wow, I look absolutely exhausted, I'm gonna say it's cause the school semester is only 3 weeks away from finishing and not the fact that my friends and I stayed out salsa dancing last night.  The same way we decided that the guy who wouldn't dance with me must've just been too intimidated by my pro-dancing skills.  :P

I LOVE dancing. But I must say if you go too often it kind of loses it's magic.  The guys never look as good from up close, and if they do, they usually don't dance, cause they don't know how or are too scared of looking like they can't. 

Dancing with friends is the best.  Unfortunately since most of my friends didn't grow up salsa-dancing like I did I usually end up having to teach them which is fun for a while.  Then I'll usually force them to dance amongst themselves and wait for someone to ask me to dance.  Though you gotta be careful for creepers.  Thankfully, after a while you kind of can tell who wants to dance and who wants more.  I try to be friendly with the people, but if they start asking about my relationship status or such, I'll not be so talkative. 

 I've come to the conclusion I like best taking turns dancing with people I know and youngsters like me.  They usually are not so creepy and you feel more comfortable around them in general.   Like yesterday, I decided to only dance with people I wanted to dance with even if that meant asking some people.  It's only to dance, not to go out.  And it definitely beats standing there waiting to be noticed.  There are great dancers out there who love to dance too!  You just need to find them.  So go grab your dancing shoes! and a dance partner!

Talking about shoes, I got these wedges at Naturalizer.  They are so comfortable, you barely notice the height!  They give a great summer vibe, great for dressing up, but still great for being semi-casual.   I was crazy enough to wear them when bike riding and chasing the sheep in the fields around school. lol 

 Sad thing.  Sheep are seriously the stupidest animals you will ever meet.  I wasn't even trying to get close to them and they'd automatically run.  Sometimes they wouldn't notice me cause they were busy eating but as soon as one ran they all did.  So it was kind of hard to get any good pics with the sheep, since I was using a timer and a tripod, but it was fun trying.  Cause how often do you get to take pictures with sheep?

I love the mixing of the patterns on this blouse.  And the neckline, very feminine yet modest.  Perfection!

On top of all the other crazy stuff I did, I used blue and purple eye-shadow.  It actually looked kind of nice.  I did a little bit of a sparkly blue and faded it to a purple and then used my usual very light pink for the highlight.

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