Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Grease is the Word

Everybody enjoys the movies: Cry Baby, Grease, Footloose, Dirty Dancing.

Why? Cause it's fun to kick back and see how culture used to be.  To see how much fashion has changed.  After watching Sara Bareilles' music video for "Gonna Get Over You" I felt totally inspired to copy this old greaser style.

Sara Bareille's Outfit:  Leather Jacket, White-T, Denim Jeans, Sneakers, and high-pony with a ridiculously awesome poof!


Cropped peach top with a white undershirt, tan shorts, animal print headband, and white Reebok.

Soooo.... maybe my outfit doesn't quite resemble hers. The truth is as simple as her outfit was I don't have some of the main pieces, such as the white t-shirt.  Why?  Cause my only white shirt turned a mucky yellow when I accidentally washed it with my scarf, and my jeans are hidden somewhere in the bottom of my laundry basket.  Thus I decided to stick with a crop top, and the shorts just went so well with it.

Why not throw on a pair of shades to rock with the jacket?

The softness from the peach, white, and beige added just the perfect amount of sweetness and femininity to contrast with the tough and rebellious look created by the headband and jacket.   

Leopard print always adds extra spice to an outfit

So as it seems from above ^ ^ ^ ^  I'm not quite a "college pixie" anymore..... and as fun and adventurous as pixie cuts are, I've got to say I'm thoroughly enjoying having longer hair. 
And when experimenting with different hairstyles, you'll come to the realization that "Grease Is the Word"

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