Monday, November 21, 2011

Starbucks Coffee & Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

So the holidays are coming up really fast, and as a college student there's probably nothing better than free coffee and doughnuts, right?  Of course, along with the holidays comes the weather change, which can be pretty nice when it's not too windy.  Thankfully today it wasn't.  :)

I absolutely LOVE the fall.  You get all the pretty colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, burgundy, brown, green. All the earth tones. My favorites <3 

I also love the weather.  Cool enough to dress warmly without having to be stuck in rain boots or huge jackets.

So anyways, I loved this outfit because it looked super wintery, was really warm, and had really pretty colors in it (yea not earth tones but still).  And today I was actually able to tie my hair up.  Of course it took two hair ties, first the top half and then the bottom half.... plus several bobby pins. Lol then I just used a hair clip to make it look more styled haha.

So I'm super excited cause I get to go home tomorrow for Thanksgiving Break!  Plus I was thinking of cutting my hair again.  I know that it kind of doesn't help my trying to grow out my hair. But it keeps flipping out all weird.  One of my teachers said I should get a pixie cut again, but I was thinking of getting an A-line....  cause I don't want it too short.  Well anyways you'll see soon.   Until next time, God Bless You!!!

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