Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Lovin

This has probably been my busiest summer ever!  I've gotten to do so much.  Such as get an awesome internship at my church, go to camp and Disneyland.... but it has definitely not been void of fun outfits and such. Enjoy the pics!

It first started with our choir tour to Oregon!

Disneyland with the family.  Above's an awesome candid pic of my brother and I just chillin.

The super delicious desert before "Color of World"

One of my favorite necklaces, I wore it at Disneyland. 

My Mohawk!!!   My Middle-school campers helped me make it.  And yes, it's real, my own hair \m/
One of the many pros of being a counselor.

Ropes Course at Awana Camp.

So this summer do something fun!

1.   Go somewhere new
2.   Visit an amusement park
3.   Serve somewhere
4.   Face your fears! Do something daring
5.   Visit the beach
6.   Go swimming
7.   Read a book
8.   Spend quality time with your family
9.   Love others
10. Make Friends

God Bless You!

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